A shop is a professional operation of well-known foreign wine sales company. Shop was established 2009, the business scope is now spread across the country, in the country most cities have sales network. Company products all over the country, many international large supermarkets, large advanced shopping malls, supermarkets, Stars Hotel, nightclub, Chinese and Western restaurants, bars, etc.. Wholesale wine, wine merchants, wine wholesale, buy wine, wine merchants, wholesale wine, imported wine, wine in the evening, imported beer, Guangzhou Connaught core wine wine wine varieties most a who...【more】
  • {f.InfoTitle}Table drinking etiquette2015-10-20

    Drinking is an indispensable item in all kinds of parties, although the variety of people drinking wine is different, but the basic etiquette or should be followed by the basic. At the formal dinner, the waiter opened the wine bottle, the first to pour a little hand to the owner to taste. Owners should be to drink a small mouth careful evaluation, and then try a mouth, feel the wine in full...

  • {f.InfoTitle}"Six drinking sugar friends must know the common sense"2015-10-20

    Sugar friends drinking common sense 1. Temperance taboo: for poor glycemic control, the recent frequent hypoglycemia or severe diabetes acute chronic complications, fatty liver or liver function abnormalities, hyperlipidemia and hyperuricemia should be the prohibition of alcohol. 2 alcohol to limit: China's 2 type of diabetes prevention guide recommended women's daily alcohol co...

  • {f.InfoTitle}Teach you how to protect your health2015-10-20

    1, fasting does not drink, fasting alcohol absorption fast, damage to the gastrointestinal tract, so before you start drinking to do protection, to protect the stomach with food fat is not easy to digest, which the food you can choice such as fat, pork leg, etc., or drinking milk. 2, when drinking alcohol and other drinks, in the beverage containing ingredients will accelerate alcohol absor...

  • {f.InfoTitle}Health knowledge: alcohol and health2015-10-20

    Drinking, for the Chinese nation is a long history, and thus derived a long history of wine culture. From the spring and Autumn period of the guests, "must drink and serve", to the Tang Dynasty, Li Bai, a hundred wine poems, are described in the political activities, social etiquette and people's minds. Dredge the blood expelling wind and cold The wine warm, sweet, pungent...

  • {f.InfoTitle}6 proper drinking knowledge is beneficial to health2015-10-20

    In life, a lot of occasions can not be separated from the wine. Family party is to drink a carefree, happy, will inevitably lead to excessive drinking drunk. To be good for your health, be sure to keep the right drink. Including the amount of alcohol, alcohol before the preparation, etc.. The wine network Xiaobian and said drink little knowledge of the need to pay attention to. 1. Regular s...

  • {f.InfoTitle}Nine of the benefits of drinking red wine2015-10-20

    For the ladies, red Wine beauty can also play a role. It is through the promotion of metabolism, oxygen free radicals, nutrition, skin tissue, so that the skin of the ladies more delicate, more vital energy, but also show the brilliance of people. For men, red wine can promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, relax the body and mind, to help activate the immune neural network, play a r...

A shop is a professional operation of well-known foreign wine sales company. Shop was founded in 2009, the scope of business around the country, most cities in the country have sales network, has been distributed in all parts of the country, the number of stores has reached more than a hundred. Products throughout the country of many international Damai Chang, senior large
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